Rites Of Exorcism

A sweet girl named Anneliese Michel
had a dream to go in Bethel

but she became the host for the evil suppression
leading to infestation,oppression and at last possession.

having six demons inside her body replacing her soul
making her weak ,psychic ,stiff and eating her whole.

underwent rites of exorcism 67 times
to free her from possession priest sang holy rhymes

clock stopping at 3 am with 3 knocks on the wall
it was a sign of the insult of the god and his downfall

eating spiders,roaches and insects
spirits making her soul eject

the night before dead she saw mother Mary
asking to come with her or to live like teary

she refused to go and stayed in her body to prove the existence of ghosts
exorcism failed and demons refused to leave the host

speaking languages she didn’t know with different voice
got her hand black and big as twice

1st July 1976 marked her end
went to the house of god and left the transcend.

-Jaskaran S Bhandari



The above written Poem is based on a true story of exorcism which happened  in 1975 with a girl Anneliese Michel lived in Germany  ,who started to experience presence of other souls inside her and starting behaving weird.She would eat cockroaches ,spiders .Doctor said it a case of psychic disorder but anneliese didn’t believe .Exorcism was done 67 times but it failed.The 6 demons that reside in her were –

  • Judas Iscariot
  • Lucifer
  • Hitler(Adolf Hitler)
  • Fallen priest Fleischmann
  • Nero
  • Cain

She also saw mother Mary before death ,she came to took her to heaven and said these demons would not leave her ever but she didn’t leave and wrote all this in a letter before death.


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