A monstrous creature being the son of Gaea and Tartarus.

spreading fear and terror from Olympus to Taenarus.

Had enormous curled snakes below his thighs
seeing that Olympians started to sigh

He rose higher than the mountains touching the stars.
left the king of gods ‘Zeus’ in a chunk of scars.

with his tremendous Wings he brought blood-shedding typhoon.
which also made the mightiest of all to swoon.

his eyes were filled with blood-curdling fire
that made the medusa herself to bow down in admire.

instead of fingers the beast possessed ten fire breathing dragons having black tongue.
the fire from their mouth would torture the soul like a killing stung.

He was pushed back in the darkness of the Tartarus by ZEUS
and made the stronghold of the gods forever diffuse.

                                                                                                              -Jaskaran S Bhandari


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